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  • Renalyn Pejano

    Renalyn Pejano

  • Dorothy Donald

    Dorothy Donald

    Spilling my guts about academe, mental illness, and outrageous fortune under an assumed name. She/her or they/them.

  • Ben Papadopoulos

    Ben Papadopoulos

    Linguist, Ph.D. Student at UC Berkeley—benpapadopoulos.com

  • Melinda Reichelt

    Melinda Reichelt

  • Bec


  • Dr. Gwen Rehrig

    Dr. Gwen Rehrig

    Postdoctoral researcher studying language and vision at UC Davis. Opinions expressed are mine, not my employer’s.

  • Emily M. Bender

    Emily M. Bender

    Professor, Linguistics, University of Washington// Faculty Director, Professional MS Program in Computational Linguistics (CLMS) faculty.washington.edu/ebender

  • Thomas W. Stewart

    Thomas W. Stewart

    Asst Prof, Linguistics & Humanities University of Louisville [views my own] #morphology #histling #langcontact #scotsgaelic #gàidhlig [RT≠endorsement]

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