pronouns aren’t gender; please get better at looking at birds

A meme with Jesse and Mr White from Breaking Bad. Jesse: “You just go in the settings menu in your brain and you set the Look At Birds toggle to On.” Mr White: “what.” Jesse: “you know in the settings menu where it’s like the submenu for Looking you set the setting to Birds” (cont’d) “and then instead of looking at objects or trees or shapes or whatever your Looking is set for Birds. it sometimes gets squirrels too so watch out” Mr White: “kirby what the fuck are you talking about”
  • it’s just what strangers tend to guess because of your stature and you genuinely don’t care enough to correct them
  • you’re at a party with all your gay friends and someone is praising how sharp you got your eyeliner on the first try and it is accompanied by some general hollering, and has nothing in particular to do with “woman” and much more to do with “gay party.” Pronoun is an outfit you wear at the gay party
  • because you’re a fucking woman and you want to staple a flier reminding everyone of this onto every door in the office until they fucking get it right
  • because it’s close enough to whatever’s actually going on that it’s easiest to sort of round up to “she.” You’re not exactly a woman but you comfortably caucus with women (this is the earliest attestation of this great phrase I could find)
  • someone’s intentionally being a dick to you because you’re a cis man and another cis man is homophobically bullying you for wearing your ponytail too high
  • because your parents are used to calling you that and nothing you do or say will make them stop, and the best you can do is just try not to be around to hear it
  • because you’re doing a BDSM scene and part of the role-play is that you’re going to temporarily be a girl for the sake of being a hot and sexy dominatrix and the She is always capitalized but you absolutely would not want any “she” of any form outside of the role-play
  • because your fursona is a catgirl even though you’re neither a cat or a girl so sometimes it’s just how it works out and it’s not that big a deal



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Kirby Conrod

Kirby Conrod


Dr. Conrod is a linguist and scholar sort of at large. They write about transgender stuff, the linguistics of pronouns, and ways to work with your brain.