put a coin in the pronoun jar

Travis: I — one last thing that I do wanna cut from the show, I just want to cut whenever we say the word ―this.

Griffin: Oh.

Travis: I don‘t wanna say that word anymore.

Griffin: Okay…

Travis: And if we do, we‘ll put a quarter in the jar.

Griffin: Okay. That‘s gonna rack up pretty fast, Trav.

Travis: Yeah, but then we‘ll spend that on ice cream.

Griffin: Okay.

Travis: We can keep doing all of our great bits, like, where we do stuff that‘s just for people to use on TikTok, right? That thing we do all the time?

Griffin: But now you fucked it up, Trav. The — possibly the whole show, because now I‘m going to be thinking, constantly, for the rest of my life, about that word, and how I can avoid saying it.

Travis: About this?

Griffin: Yeah. God.

Travis: Sorry. That‘s a quarter. [coin jingling sound]

slightly sloppy ms paint drawing of kirby (purple hair, entire face is just glasses, yellow sweater) putting a quarter into a big jar)

Parsley: You should meet Kirby, she’s running the department twitter and writes the newsletter —

Me: Hey Parsley (handwaving to get their gaze and take the floor) hey, what pronoun did you just say?

Parsley: (thinks for a minute) I honestly could not tell you. Was it they?



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